Mamacorn: MOM, I Wrote a Book About You

Mother’s day, valentines day for mom or every day is a day we should celebrate all those courageous women who are called mothers/mommy. They are selfless warriors capable of unconditional love.

Perfect gift for the perfect mom ♥!

  • Large size page for adding your special pictures and stickers – 8.25”X6”.
  • Over than 50 prompts to show her the reasons why you love her.
  • The possibility of putting your own answer (funny, feelings of love, silly … ) to fit the phrases or words inside the book.
  • Pages with Heartfelt “Thank You Mom Messages”.
  • Blank pages to add your personalize love responses.
  • Blank pages to insert pictures or drawing something on it! (example : unicorn mom, Lovely quotes for mommy…)

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Write a Book for your mom and Fill In The Blank Book

If you are looking for a unique and customizable gift for the kids ( or adults ) to give to their Mom during her Special Day ( Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, mom’s birthday… ) So this customizable book is for you, You will express your love and feelings for your mother, and fill it with expressions of thanks and gratitude.

Simple prompts will make filling out this book easy :

  • Sometimes your ability to … amazes me.
  • I love that you encourage me to …
  • It makes me laugh to think how you …
  • I’d be lost without your …
  • And many more! There are +50 total, Be propelled down memory lane and tell your mom just how important she has been in your life.

Heartfelt Thank You Mom Messages and simple

Give your beloved MOM a personalized gift that she will love! Your Mother definitely will be happy and she will appreciate that you spent time to make a personalized gift book for her!

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mothers-day-Mom-I-wrote-a-book-about-youMamacorn: MOM, I Wrote a Book About You
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