Free Printable Luggage Tags

Why I designed these Free Printable Luggage Tags ?? I traveled quite a bit last summer, and somehow I kept finding myself in need of luggage tags and I decided that I can design and create a set of travel tags for luggage and my suitcase too.  That way I will be able to find my bags too quickly on the carousel. I made a various Free Printable Luggage Tags to download !!

Printable luggage tags

free printable luggage tags

We made more than 5 free printable luggage tags that you can download and print for free without any sign up or register. These luggage tags are designed to make your bags more noticeable and easy to find. These printable luggage tags are the just what you need in your next travel.

#1 Simple luggage tag

free printable blank luggage tag template
Free Printable luggage tags pdf

Whether you’re a traveler or a once-in-a-year vacationer, or someone who travels for work, you will surely keeping your luggage identifiable and more secure is a top priority for you. this free printable Luggage tags play an important role in this process. the design of this luggage tag is is simple with a place for name,adress and phone number. it comes 12 tags per page, which means you’ll have enough for every suitcase on your trip.

865 KB

#2 Cute Colorful printable Fruit Luggage Tag for kids

Cute Free Printable Luggage Tags pdf
Various Printable fruit tags for luggage – Size A4 , 6 different suitcase tags

Add a colorful and cute luggage tag for your kids and they might just be able to find it a more quicker. These colorful free printable luggage tags are easy to personalize with your own kids name. these free tags are made to be more cute and colorful with 6 different tags to choose what your kids like. they are bright and unique, so spotting your kids suitcase at baggage claim should be a breeze.

8 MB

3# Unique printable Luggage Tag : Jean theme tag

jean tags-Printable tags for luggage
Jean tags for luggage and bags

This printable Luggage label will be the great tool for your luggage or your bags to be more noticeable fast, it’s a personalizing tag which you can add your important information as your name, adress and phone number. this printable tag is designed to be fitted with your luggage jean theme. Download your luggage tag for free!!

9 MB

4# Pinky and cute Free Printable Luggage Tags for girls

Download Free Printable Luggage Tags for girls
Lovely pink Printable tag for luggage

This printable pink Luggage label will be the great tag for your suitcase or bags. designed to be more cute for girls or any person who like pink in their luggage.

2 MB

5# Ice-cream luggage tags

Printable Luggage Tags For Adults & Kids
Printable Travel tags

Sweet, delicate, and simple Mother’s Day or Birthday card. this card had a blank side inside with a cute coloring quote in other side so you can personalize your greeting.

2 MB

You’ll Need To Make the Luggage Tags :

Step 1 : Print out the tags onto plain paper. Since I was using the luggage tag sleeves I did not feel the need to print out the tags on cardstock. If you are going to laminate these yourself you’ll probably want to use cardstock though.

Step 2: Cut the tags out.  You have 1 print out of the front of the tags and one for the back of the tags. Use a bit of glue to hold the tag front and back together, wrong sides facing.

More Free printables Labels :

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