Free printable crown template

Creating your own regal crown is a delightful and creative activity that captures the imagination of both children and adults alike. To embark on this royal DIY journey, a free printable crown template is an invaluable resource. These templates simplify the crafting process, allowing you to focus on the joy of personalization and design.

King and Queen crowns – free Coronation templates to print and make

The beauty of using a free blank printable crown template lies in the flexibility it provides. You can opt for plain templates, allowing room for artistic expression through coloring and embellishments. Alternatively, you might discover templates that come pre-designed with patterns and motifs, streamlining the creative process even further.

How can I use the Blank printable crown template?

Have fun with our Free printable crown template for little ones in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten!

You can use this template for pretend play, art projects, talking about fairy tales, or even making cool birthday crowns. Just download and print the Blank Crown Template on thick paper, and let the kids decorate it with crayons, paint, or markers.

There are three templates on one sheet, so print a few copies to make sure every child has one to decorate! It’s an easy and enjoyable activity for everyone.

free printable crown template pdf
Free Printable crown template

Make the most of this Crown Template with these three simple ideas:

  1. Birthday Crown: Let your kids decorate and cut out a crown on their birthday for some extra festive fun!
  2. Kings and Queens: If you’re exploring the Medieval era, have the children decorate crowns and use them in imaginative play. They can even come up with names for their kingdoms!
  3. Name Tags: Turn the crowns into personalized name tags. Have the kids write their names and decorate the crowns as a fun introduction activity. Everyone wears their crown for the day to learn each other’s names. Afterward, laminate the crowns and tape them onto desks or above cubbies for a lasting reminder all year long.

Blank Simple Prince/king crown

Free printable crown template
This crown template is your ticket to personalized crowns.

Enjoy crafting with our free Paper Crown template! Perfect for imaginative play, parties, or simple creative fun. Just download, print, and let the creativity flow. Ideal for kids and adults alike. Get ready to wear your customized crown with pride!

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Blank Princess Crown Template

queen printable crown template

Create your own princess magic with our Blank Princess Crown Template! Just download and print. Perfect for playtime and parties—design your dream crown and let the royal fun begin! 👑✨

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Blank coloring Princess Crown Template

princess printable crown template

Design your own princess crown with our Coloring Princess Crown Template! Simply download, print, and let your creativity shine. Ideal for a playful and colorful princess adventure—perfect for kids and craft lovers. Start crafting your one-of-a-kind crown fit for a creative queen or king! 👑🎨

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Princess crown paper template for coloring

free printable coloring crown

Coloring Fun Alert! 🌈✨ Dive into a world of whimsy with our Princess Crown Paper Template. Download, grab those crayons, and let the royal coloring adventure begin! Perfect for little artists and big smiles. Get ready to be crowned Chief Color Queen or King! 👑🖍️

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Prince crown paper template

Embark on an enchanting journey into the world of royalty with our Prince Crown Paper Template. This delightful template is designed to spark the imagination of little ones, providing them with the opportunity to craft their very own princely crown. With just a simple download and print, the magic begins as children engage in a creative process that brings their royal dreams to life.

coloring crown for kids

Ideal for playtime adventures, themed parties, or simply adding a touch of regal charm to everyday activities, this Prince Crown Template is versatile and easy to use. Whether your little one envisions themselves as a knight in shining armor or a wise king ruling over their imaginary kingdom, this template allows them to express their royal aspirations with every stroke of the crayon or marker.

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What You Need to Print These Free Crown Templates?

  1. Printer
  2. A4 or Letter-sized Paper
  3. Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils
  4. Creativity and Imagination! 🌈✨

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